General terms of delivery and warranty conditions

I. General provisions

  1. All deliveries and services performed by ISCON are subject exclusively to the following General Delivery Conditions. ISCON does not consent to any changes or modifications to transaction terms regarding these General Conditions, unless such a change or modification is agreed on in writing.
  2. These General Conditions apply only to transactions with entrepreneurs within the meaning of Article 43.1 of the Civil Code.
  3. Unless agreed on otherwise, delivery conditions specified by ISCON in a sale offer are not binding. Placed orders are not binding for ISCON until their reception is confirmed by ISCON in writing or until they are received by means of starting their execution or until they are received by means of issuing an invoice.
  4. Logos, offers, drawings, designs and other documents related to ISCON products, services and other commercial activity, the content of which constitutes industrial property, know-how or other significant information, remains exclusive ISCON property and is under protection under industrial property law. The aforementioned material must not be reproduced or shared with third parties without prior written consent.


II. Conditions of order submission

  1. ISCON accepts orders placed by means of e-mail at or or through a submission form at
  2. Orders are completed at prices specified in the price list, the presented offer or other arrangements effective during order placement.
  3. Once the order has been placed, ISCON sends a confirmation of receiving the order to an e-mail address provided by the Client. The confirmation specifies purchased wares, net prices, the delivery method and the order completion time. Accepting the confirmation is tantamount to concluding a civil law agreement between the Client and ISCON.
  4. ISCON is not liable for the consequences of the Client placing an order incorrectly.


III. Delivery conditions

  1. Unless the agreement explicitly specifies otherwise, the agreed completion times are not final.
  2. The delivery timeframe begins at the moment of agreeing on all transaction conditions.
  3. Unless agreed on otherwise, the delivery deadline is considered met at the moment of shipping the delivery to the Client from ISCON’s registered office at the agreed time.
  4. The risk of accidental loss or damage to the product shall pass to the Client at the moment of handing the product over to the carrier. This also applies to situations in which ISCON is responsible for arranging transport.
  5. If the Client and ISCON have agreed on personal collection, the Client is responsible for collecting the product within 10 days of receiving the confirmation of order completion. Failure to meet this condition authorises ISCON to ship the product at the expense of the Client without their instruction.
  6. The product is normally dispatched via a courier company at the expense of the Client, unless a different delivery method has been agreed on. Shipment costs are added to the product invoice.
  7. ISCON insures shipped products only based on a separate agreement and at the expense of the Client.
  8. Cash on delivery payments are only available within Poland.


IV. Payments and invoicing

  1. The presented prices are net prices without VAT in EUR or PLN. The choice of currency is up to the Client.
  2. A VAT invoice constitutes proof of purchase. The VAT invoice can be issued in EUR or PLN. The settlement currency is selected by the Client.
  3. The invoice constitutes the first request for payment.
  4. The product remains ISCON property until all charges are fully settled.
  5. If the settlement currency differs from the invoicing currency, the prices included in the invoice are converted based on IDEA Bank’s currency sell rates on the day of issuing the invoice.
  6. In case of prepayments, binding prices are specified in a pro-forma invoice. Those prices are valid until the payment date specified in the invoice.
  7. Failure to settle charges within the specified time authorises ISCON to change the method of payment for subsequent deliveries from bank transfers to cash, cash on delivery or prepayment and to charge statutory interest.
  8. Failure to settle charges within the specified time authorises ISCON to dispose of active debts.


V. Warranty and warranty claims

  1. Performance parameters of products are described in detail in technical documentation regarding a specific product model.
  2. Wares are stored, packed and transported by ISCON in a manner protecting them from damage.
  3. All ISCON devices are covered by a 12-month warranty starting at the day of issuing the sale invoice. If the Client is a Consumer within the meaning of the consumer rights act of 24 June 2014, the warranty covers 12 months starting on the day of handover of the product.
  4. The condition for starting the warranty period is presenting the purchase invoice and the serial number of the device.
  5. The condition for processing the warranty is adherence to the conditions of operation and storage of the device described in the technical documentation.
  6. Warranty claims are rendered invalid in case of damage resulting from wear and tear, incorrect operation or incorrect storage.
  7. Missing items or incorrect deliveries should be reported immediately after being discovered. Otherwise warranty claim procedures are disabled.
  8. Warranty claims will be processed within 21 days. Should it be necessary to perform an expert analysis, the claim will be processed within 60 days of the date of submission. If the analysis reveals that the damage occurred due to incorrect use of the component, ISCON reserves the right to charge the Client with the costs of the procedures and the analysis. In such cases the Client will receive an official report from the damage analysis.
  9. If claims refer to damage in transit, a protocol signed by the courier must always be annexed.
  10. ISCON’s liability is limited to replacing the goods or returning the paid amount.

VI. Export

  1. For shipments from Poland to other European Union countries the applicable VAT rate is 0% under the condition of the Client providing a valid European VAT identification number. If the Client does not provide the number or the number proves invalid, ISCON will charge the Client with Polish VAT.
  2. In case of personal collection, the Client is required to provide ISCON with a confirmation of exporting the goods to another European Union country. Failure to meet this condition authorises ISCON to charge the Client with Polish VAT.