IBCLF – Back Light Flat

Infrared IBCLF

Due to many enquiries our offer is growing again- now it is possible to use infrared light (940 nm) in all IBCLF illuminators. Our Clients may use them instead of standard IBCL back lights. IBCLF illuminators are only one centimeter in height, so they can fit better in tight, compacted spaces.  ISCON encourages you to […]

IDLFQ- new product in our offer

IDLFQ illuminator is a brand new product in our offer. It provides uniform light dispersion, similarly to standard Dome Light illuminators (IDL). However, it takes less space in the machine due to its extreme thinness (only 18mm). Thanks to special light diffusing matrix IDLFQ illuminators perform great during inspections of glossy or uneven surfaces providing […]

Overdrive usage

To make ISCON illuminators even more versatile we created an embedded electronic system which allows to control extra parameters of lighting. For our Clients it means there is no need to buy, install and maintain any additional costly controllers. In every Power series products (IBLP, IRLP, IBRP) our Clients can choose between standard illuminator and […]

IBL – Bar Light

New project- illuminator with dedicate controller

In September 2020 ISCON participated in a project for a leader of tobacco market with over 30 year experience. Project covered installing over a dozen of machines and machine vision systems with dedicated illuminators and control system. As a part of the project ISCON created brand new innovative illuminator called IBL-90-30-24B.  The illuminator has seven blue […]