New project- illuminator with dedicate controller

In September 2020 ISCON participated in a project for a leader of tobacco market with over 30 year experience. Project covered installing over a dozen of machines and machine vision systems with dedicated illuminators and control system. As a part of the project ISCON created brand new innovative illuminator called IBL-90-30-24B. 

The illuminator has seven blue lighting segments and every segment can be independently controlled. Thanks to its compact size it was possible to install the illuminators even in extremely tight spaces. IBL-90-30-24B illuminators are working in pairs, ensuring stable light conditions for every photo captured. Every illuminator was equipped with protective glass to increase its safety and longevity without any loss in light intensity. 

On customer’s request ISCON built dedicated controllers, making it possible to turn on or off each of seven lighting segments individually depending on conditions. One device can control two illuminators without any delay up to 1000 times per second.

In few weeks time ISCON designed and manufactured 36 pieces of IBL-90-30-24B illuminator with 18 controllers. Soon after project was finished ISCON received inquiry about extending the project by another few dozens of illuminators and controllers.